Yes, a visa applicant can apply for a temporary or permanent visa which will enable him to live and work in Australia.

Skilled migration had always been a priority of the Australian government to address skills shortage. There are visas available for people who are not sponsored by an employer but have skills in particular occupations which are required in Australia. These visas are under the General Migration Scheme and are points tested. Currently, the passing mark is 65 points.

So how can you get 65 points? It depends on different factors like:

1) AGE. Your age must be minimum of 25 and maximum of 44 in order to get points.

2) EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION. It can be a vocational course, a bachelors degree and a doctorate degree. The higher your educational attainment, the higher your points. Being able to study in Australia also have added points.

3) WORK EXPERIENCE. Minimum number of work experience is 3 years and the longer your work experience, the higher your points. Extra points can be given if worked in Australia.

4) PARTNER SKILLS. If the husband or wife of the visa applicant is also skilled, there is corresponding points for that.

5) STATE/ TERRITORY GOVERNMENT SPONSORSHIP. To entice skilled people to stay in a particular State in Australia, the State and Territory Government of Australia can provide extra points for skilled people who are willing to stay and use their skills in their State. Higher point is given if you are willing to stay in rural areas with low population.

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