AAT Review

Merits Review has a broader, long-term objective of improving the quality and consistency of the decisions of primary decision makers. Review of decisions enables all aspects of a decision to be reconsidered.

If a visa applicant or sponsor is onshore and their visa is refused or cancelled, you may have your case reviewed at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).
Bridges Immigration and Visa Services Pty. Ltd.can offer exceptional expertise and experience in all review matters and submission preparation and represent you at the Tribunal. We are able to efficiently and accurately provide cost effective advice and solutions depending on your situation.
It is imperative that as soon as you receive a refusal or a cancellation notice, you act immediately as all review cases are very time sensitive and an application must be made quickly

  • We will meet with you and explain your chances of success
  • We will review all of your immigration material and ensure we have the best evidence to win your case
  • We will research recent cases that are similar and include them in your submission to assist the Tribunal Member in making a positive decision
  • We will prepare a submission in a timely manner
  • We will brief you on the hearing process and explain to you the type of questions you may be asked
  • We will attend the hearing with you
  • We will respond after the hearing to follow up any additional requests by the member
  • We will provide you with the hearing response immediately and explain it to you and explain your options

Administrative Appeals Tribunal submission preparation and representation costs between $3,000 and $5,500 plus GST.

We are committed to offering the very best service at an affordable price. To find out more about what we can offer, feel free to book an online appointment with us during office hours.

Ministerial Intervention

In a Ministerial Intervention, the minister may, in the public interest, substitute a decision more favorable to the applicant that that made by the Tribunal. If you have a refusal on a visa and you have attended the AAT to review the decision and you have not been successful, you have further resource to have your case reviewed.    

Judicial review through the Federal Circuit Court can be arranged and we have specialist partners able to assist you in this area.

You also have the option of writing to the Minister of Immigration directly if your case has certain grounds. We can assist you in determining this and preparing a suitable submission.


  • Professional fees start at $3,000 plus GST.